The Padma Organization selects, oversees, and completes humanitarian and environmental projects throughout south and southeast Asia. Each project begins in consultation with local partners to ensure our work is of vital, and immediate need to the communities we serve.   


Our work began during the Maoist insurgency in Nepal in the early 2000’s and focused on securing safe housing, rehabilitation resources, and providing high-quality education to disenfranchised and displaced children. 


Today, Padma works in several countries with a focus on providing cutting edge research-driven solutions that serve under-represented rural communities, and degradated environments both on land and in our oceans.


International SERVICE Trips

After the service portion of every trip, optional adventure activity trips are offered.  These opportunities allow students to experience a broader swath of cultural diversity, and to have fun doing something they may never have another chance to do such as: Himalayan trekking in Nepal and India, surfing and scuba diving in Indonesia, or river rafting in Southeast Asia.  Following completion of projects, extended stays to explore and just have fun can also be organized for interested students.  Students are welcome to join any trip that is not yet filled, and for every high school with at least ten student participants Padma will put together a trip just for that school.  High school faculty members are often invited to serve as chaperones on trips.  All trips are scheduled at least a year in advance and tend to fill up quickly.


Group Service Trips

Throughout the year Padma Tours can host groups of ten or more to complete projects ranging from: greenhouse, school, irrigation system construction to re-forestation and water pollution cleanup projects. If you have a group, or want to join a group on one of these life-enriching adventures checkout our list of upcoming trips below and contact us via email for more details.


Individual Service Trips

Some travelers prefer to go it alone and find their own adventure, but where to start? With an extensive network of organizations and friends throughout Asia, we can help you find the perfect place for your own individual service trip. Teaching English to Buddhist nuns in Nepal, tutoring children in Cambodia, building reefs in Indonesia are a few of the many options we can help connect you with. These trips are for travelers looking for a minimal level of external organization who want to be sure they are working on valuable projects with trustworthy people.

In the summer months, we host trips for high school students to experience new cultures and continents while working on highly needed humanitarian and environmental projects. In addition to working alongside trained professionals, these trips include cultural site visits, lectures by local or international professors, researchers, and scientists, interaction with local communities and often homestay opportunities. 


For a number of years Padma operated a children’s home on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley that housed, cared for, and sponsored the education of children from situations of abject poverty.  Most of these children came from families that were displaced during the Nepal civil war of the early 2000’s.  With the major conflicts now over these children’s families have moved back to their ancestral villages to rebuild their lives. 


In 2015, we were excited to reunite the “Padma kids” with their families.  Padma continues to sponsor their school fees, along with an ever-increasing number of children as sponsorship grows.  All sponsorship funds go directly to help the children with any administration and oversight activities volunteered by long time Padma staff.  If you have any questions, would like to sponsor a child in Nepal, or would like to travel to Nepal to meet some of the children or participate in a Padma service project please contact us at            

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