2020 THAILAND Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive on Koh Samui and meet Padma staff at the airport to head to your beachfront bungalow.


Day 1-2: Relax by the beach and explore the island while adjusting to the time change. Clint Sidle will lead a multiple session workshop covering a number of principles, training techniques, and thinking patters that support productive and healthy leadership and teamwork. Ideas that will prove invaluable throughout your journey with us.


Day 2: Catch the last ferry to Koh Tao for a sunset cruise across the Gulf of Thailand. Spend our first night on Chalok Baan Kao beach.


Day 2-10: Days will begin with optional yoga classes and then after breakfast and orientation talk or lecture about the days focus. Our conservation activities will focus on sea turtles, sharks, coral, and sustainable tourism practices. Each activity has an educational component to maximize understanding of the purpose and efficacy of everything we do. In addition to conservation work, one day will be devoted to learning to freedive and one day-off to explore the island.


Day 10: Catch a ferry one island over to Koh Pangan.


Day 10-13: Stay above Sunset Beach where the evenings are sure to impress. CoreSea will host a program on the importance of mangroves to island biodiversity followed by leading a re-planting session at a nearby devastated mangrove shoreline. For those willing, you can spend a day learning the basic techniques of Muay Thai from a former world champion, spend a day at a Thai Buddhist temple learning to meditate, and studying traditional Thai cuisine.


Day 14: Head back to Koh Samui via a short ferry ride, where Padma staff will see you off at the airport.

How to Sign-up?

Before joining a trip all prospective students must have a phone interview with a Padma trip leader or attend an in-person info meeting. This is to make sure the trip is right for you, and to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a call, send us a message and we will find a time that works for you. Following this conversation or meeting, download and print a trip application. Once your application is complete, mail it to:

Padma Organization P.O. Box 982996 Park City UT 84098


Once your application and trip deposit are received you will be sent a trip info packet including a checklist and timeline. Throughout the year before your trip begins, we will be in routine contact including up to two in-person meetings with fellow students joining your same trip to go over trip preparation details and offer a chance to meet the other members of your adventure.

2019 Utah Info Meetings

During the week of October 21-25, 2019 Padma trip leaders will be hosting meetings around Utah to let interested high school students and parents/guardians know more about our trips and work around Asia. Email us to find out where and when the closest meeting to you will be. We'd love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.


Trip Payment Deadlines


Trip payments can be made all at once or in three payments by check or via PayPal at padmaorganization.com. As we have expense deadlines throughout the year if payments are not made on time a $25 fee will be assessed for each late payment.

Medical Considerations/Vaccinations


There are no required vaccinations for traveling to Bali. The US Center for Disease Control updates a list of suggested vaccinations annually. It is up to each individual to decide which vaccinations they receive. For specific questions regarding vaccines contact us at info@padmaorganization.com. For the Center for Disease Control’s suggested vaccinations go to:


Digestion Issues


Many travelers to Thailand and Indonesia are bothered with stomach and gastro-intestinal illness even when conscientious efforts are made to eat hygienic foods. It is safe to assume that at least one member of our group will fall ill during the trip. If you are beginning to feel the onset of any type of illness, immediately contact one of the trip leaders so treatment can be administered in hopes of staving off a multi-day ailment.


Ocean Safety


During our trips there may be opportunities to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, and surf in the ocean. Riptides, large waves, sharp reefs, stings and bites from marine life are some of the inherent risks we will face. Trip participants are never to swim alone and careful consideration of individual swimming ability and experience in the ocean must always be considered.

Padma High School Service Trip

Faculty Chaperone

When ten or more students from a high school join a summer service trip at least one faculty member from that high school is encouraged to join the trip as a lead chaperone. The main role of these individuals is to serve as the principal liaison between students and trip organizers both before and during trips. This role has proved very important for ensuring trips run smoothly. This position requires individuals who are expert in communication, experienced in international travel, service work, and outdoor adventure. Faculty chaperones airfare and all trip costs are provided for by Padma.

Faculty Chaperone Responsibilities

Organize and set dates for trip information meetings for both students and parents. Padma staff will attend one information meeting in the fall, and one trip preparation meeting in the spring.

Communicate with Padma staff throughout the year including forwarding whatever parent or student inquiries and issues that may come up.


Communicate with all student trip members regarding trip meetings, deadlines, payments, etc.

Choose fellow chaperones when needed for larger groups.

Assist in the student application process and advise on potential problem students. -Select student leaders from among trip members.


Assist in scholarship and financial aid selection.

Coordinate international flights with students.

Encourage students to, or help lead fundraising activities to offset trip costs for students.

Pre-Trip Timeline

Aug-Oct 2019   Inform students about Bali 2020 within the parameters of your school’s guidelines.

Oct-Nov 2019   Schedule and publicize October student/parent meeting.
Work with Padma staff to finalize trip member list and scholarship recipients. Remind students to complete applications and make trip deposits.

Nov-Feb 2020   Encourage students to purchase airfare, decide on additional chaperones and manage student travel questions via group messaging App (GroupMe or WhatsApp). Appoint student leaders to help with communicating with students and organizing potential fundraisers to offset trip costs for students.

Feb-March 2020   Organize Trip Prep meeting with Padma staff for students/parents.

March-May 2020   Remind students to get their passports, make trip payments, and get vaccines.

June 2020   Organize chaperones who will accompany students on their flights several weeks before they travel and communicate with students who choose to fly individually.

June/July 2020   Arrive in Bali.