Thailand Marine Conservation

The Gulf of Thailand is historically one of the most biodiverse bodies of water on earth. Today, due to unsustainable fishing practices, pollution, warming oceans, and swift increases in tourism, many species are on the brink of extinction and less than 10% of the reefs of the entire area are in fertile condition. Service trips to Thailand focus on protecting what remains of these magic waters.


Trip members spend their time participating in ongoing marine ecology research with scientists and conservation divers. Days will be filled with both educational elements and at least one scuba dive a day as part of ongoing research and habitat preservation and restoration. The majority of conservation work takes place on Koh Tao with several days also spent on Koh Samui, and Koh Pangan.

The Work


• Once we arrive on Koh Tao the work begins with a series of scuba dives to train in buoyancy management to ensure no trip members accidentally harm native corals


• Each day trip members learn about a specific feature of the local marine habitat and perform underwater studies to evaluate the health of specific features and species of a given reef system. 


• On land work includes visiting a local school to teach and play with Burmese immigrants, study and analysis of tourism industry practices and their effects on the islands, and sea turtle nursery activities to help nurture baby turtles before they are returned to the sea.




Trip Highlights


• Trips begin on Koh Samui with a two-day leadership training seminar led by Clint Sidle director of Cornell University's Park Leadership Fellows Program


• Teaching and playing with Burmese immigrants at an international non-profit school


• Learn and practice freedive techniques to extend your ability to hold your breath and dive deeper underwater.


• When not working on the reefs, trip members are free to explore the island, snorkeling, hiking, trying out the local fare at any number of the many Thai and international restaurants.


• Throughout our trips there are opportunities to learn traditional Thai arts such as: Muay Thai, Thai cuisine, or Buddhist meditation.