Padma’s in-depth, nuanced knowledge and understanding of not only the Tibetan community in Nepal--but also local Nepali politics and culture--enables them to work seamlessly with key players in Kathmandu and beyond.

Julia M. Famularo

Graduate Student,

Georgetown University

When I look back at the Padma house what I really remember is the sense of family and caring. What should have been a difficult situation was made easy by the brotherhood and sisterhood the children displayed for each other. That kind of compassion is something that I had not seen before.  It is good to know kids like that will be the future of their country and our world. Padma and other organizations are helping to guarantee that.

Will Skyrud

Graduate Student,

University of California Berkeley

A few years ago I travelled to Kathmandu to meet the [Padma] children and I was so impressed with the way the funds were put to use. The children are wonderful and so eager to learn and succeed. I love this organization and am proud to play a small part

Courtney Boldt

Vice President,

Fidelity Investments

Padma Board of Directors"