Substance Abuse Recovery and Gang Violence Reduction


Although often shrouded in the mystique of remote and majestic Himalayan mountains, and by the stories of mystical Hindu and Buddhist yogis, in reality some regions of Nepal more resemble the lawless old west. Poverty, a poor public education system, sociopolitical instability, and corruption are some of the primary factors that lead to heightened rates of drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, and homelessness.


In 2007 Padma opened the doors of a 12 step based recovery program for adolescent and young adult drug addicts and alcoholics struggling to make through life. A group of former gang members graduated an intensive out-patient program and many of them were able to completely transform their lives and continue to succeed and grow today. Several members of the Padma Recovery Home went on to start their own recovery programs across the Kathmandu Valley. Others went back to school and have since graduated with advanced degrees and work full-time for com

Fighting Human Trafficking:


Maiti Nepal was began decades ago by Anuradha Koirala. Since opening, they have rescued tens of thousands of women and children kidnapped, or tricked into the Indian human trafficking sex trade. In 2010 Mrs Koirala was honored as CNN’s hero of the year for her tireless and dangerous work in fighting against some of the worst depravity of humanity. Padma is currently fundraising for a new safe house to be built and operated by Maiti Nepal on the Indian/Nepal border. There is no more noble cause than fighting human trafficking, and Padma is lucky and honored to be able to support the stellar, experienced, and committed people of Maiti Nepal in continuing their fight.