International Service Trips

Padma Tours leads group service trips to help complete humanitarian and environmental projects across Asia. Each project is run by Padma Organization or their Asian based partner organizations. Most service trips run two weeks although longer stays are often available for interested individuals or groups. On every trip, once the service work is complete, we offer optional adventure trips. These activities are selected based on the particular region, such as surf camps in Bali, Himalayan trekking in Nepal and India, or scuba diving in Borneo etc.


Padma’s Big Three




Safety comes first at every level of our trips, from planning to completion. Each Padma trip includes medical staff who prepare medical plans and kits specific to each site, and for trip members with specific medical needs. At every place group members travel to, we do our best to ensure food and water hygiene. Every participant is also provided international travellers medical insurance.


2-Worthwhile Projects:


When choosing projects, we first consult with local leaders to learn more about the immediate needs of the communities we aim to serve. Our goal is to only select projects that are vital and unlikely to be accomplished without international partnerships. After completion, Padma members periodically visit project sites to evaluate continued viability, functionality, and effectiveness.


3-Cultural Immersion:


Part of Padma’s mission is to share with others the marvelous worlds of south and southeast Asian cultures. Trip participants often stay in homestays with local families, work on teams together with locals, tutor local children, and participate in community activities. We don’t want you to see new places from a bubble, but instead, want you to make lifelong connections by experiencing being welcomed into the midst of new communities.


Trip costs include:




•Project materials

•Salaries for local project leads and managers

•Site seeing day trips 

•All local transportation

•Travellers medical insurance

•Medical staff

•A maximum of 10% of trip budgets is allotted to cover all US administration costs.

•Any remaining funds following trips are donated to partner organizations and the Padma School Sponsorship Program.


International airfare is not included in trip costs. Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged by sending your flight itinerary to To join a trip complete the online application. We will notify you of your acceptance and provide a detailed itinerary information packet including packing suggestions, medical considerations, and other important information to get the most out of your trip. 


Individual Service Trips

High School Student Service Trips