When escaping the Chinese invasion of Tibet the renowned Tibetan meditation master Trulshik Rinpoche settled in the Solokhumbu region of Nepal a short distance from Mt Everest. A community of devoted Buddhist practitioners grew around him. Slowly dwellings and eventually a large temple were built at what came to be know as Thupten Choling Monastery. Today, over five hundred residents, mostly Buddhist nuns, live in this pristine mountain abode dedicating their lives to achieving spiritual awakening. Because of its extreme remote location, and lack of modern facilities and medical education, many residents of Thupten Choling suffer both chronic and acute ailments and illness with little or no recourse for adequate treatment. 


In 2017, led by Doctor Christin Will, Padma began supporting periodic medical checkups and maintaining medical records for the residents of Thupten Choling. We also collect, store, and administer medicines and medical treatments. If our small medical staff is unable to provide adequate care, in cases that require major procedures or operations, Padma raises funds and works with doctors and hospitals in the Kathmandu valley to assist in getting the best and safest treatments available.


If you are interested in learning more about Thupten Choling, sponsoring a resident nun, or visiting this majestic Himalayan holy place, email us at