Padma builds greenhouses for communities that lack easy and affordable access to a variety of produce. Padma staff periodically visit the completed greenhouse sites to check on crop production and advise on planting and growing methodology. In much of south and southeast Asia access to fresh produce can prove difficult and expensive. In many areas, limited or no parameters on the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers can lead to dangerous amounts of toxic or carcinogenic compounds.

Preserving Tibetan Medicine In East India

Tucked away near the northeastern city of Silliguri lies the burgeoning Ewam Monastery. Along with an integrated and globally conscious monastic curriculum, this center of learning is also running a medical clinic staffed with Tibetan and western physicians, creating a perfect blend of ancient herbal remedies, and modern medicine. Padma is in the planning phase of building greenhouses around this monastery house Tibetan medicinal herbs and plants, and greatly help to preserve this precious medical tradition, which has become increasingly rare.  Under the guidance of local Tibetan doctors, our work directly supports the ongoing research and promotion of this ancient knowledge.

Himalayan Greenhouses

When escaping the Chinese invasion of Tibet the renowned Tibetan meditation master Trulshik Rinpoche settled in the Solokhumbu region of Nepal, a short distance from Mt Everest.  A community of devoted Buddhist practitioners grew around him.  Slowly, dwellings and eventually a large temple were built at what came to be know as Thupten Choling Monastery. Today, over five hundred residents, mostly Buddhist nuns, live in this pristine mountain abode dedicating their lives to achieving spiritual awakening.  


Many kind donors and workers have given funding and energy towards rebuilding the community there,

and over the last few years, Padma has extended its Himalayan Projects to include the restoration and improvement of this monastery, with the hopes of enhancing the life-quality of its inhabitants. As winters are extremely cold, and nutritious food scarce, Padma has furnished the monastery with large       timber-framed greenhouses in which special heirloom variety greens brought over from the U.S.A have been planted. We continue to outfit the monastery and surrounding area with similar greenhouses and beneficial structures, according to the priorities of the peaceful monks and nuns residing there.