Our work began during the Maoist insurgency in Nepal in the early 2000’s and focused on securing safe housing, rehabilitation resources, and providing high-quality education to disenfranchised and displaced children.  Over the years we have designed and operated substance abuse recovery centers, led natural disaster relief and reconstruction projects following the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, built greenhouses in the Himalayas, water-purification systems, restorative coral reef structures, community buildings in rural Nepal to name some of our many activities. 


Today, we continue to branch out and establish partnerships with new communities and other organizations that are leading the way on some of the worlds most pressing issues.  Our work is guided by on the ground experience in the areas we serve, and also are also based on the guidlines outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read below to learn a bit more about what we're up to.




• Education for disenfranchised children

• Gang violence reduction

• Substance Abuse recovery 

• HIV/AIDS clinic

• Greenhouse construction 

• Natural disaster re-construction 

• Drinking water purification 

• University sponsorship for high achieving rural students

• Medical clinics 

• Cleanup in the Everest Region





• Coral reef restoration 

• Plastic cleanup and sustainable living education

• Marine life identification and monitoring

• Endangered avian species monitoring and habitat protection and restoration

• Drinking water purification system construction and donation

• Rainforest protection and restoration





• Communal greenhouse construction

• Forest restoration

• Waterway cleanup




• Underground water system to provide water to every home in a remote

Eastern Tibet village.




To learn more about individual projects click the topic links below.  To support a particular project or volunteer with us, shoot us an email at info@padmaorganization.com.  We’d love to hear from you. 






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