In the past century lumber and farm industries have thinned forests on a catastrophic scale. Padma works on re-planting projects on the islands of Indonesia where palm oil plantations have destroyed huge swaths of triple canopy rainforests.


We also lead projects in the Himachal region of northeast India, where once lush sections of conifer forests now lay barren. The geography of India is sometimes thought of as little more than hot and dusty vast planes, however the northwest Indian region of Himachal Pradesh is home to lush river valleys with old growth forests and pristine Himalayan glacier peaks. Over the past century many of these forests have been over cut leading to ecosystem disturbance or devastation, increased landslides, and a host of other issues.


Padma leads trips to Himachal to replant conifers on depleted mountain sides. Individual participants plant trees spending their days in the mountains of lower Himalayas.