Borneo 2019

Kalimantan, Borneo

Pesalat is our partner, FNPF's,  longest running site in Borneo. It is located about 45 minutes by boat upriver from Tanjung Harapan (also known as Sekonyer village) and about 15 minutes down river from Pondok Tanggui. There are orangutan rehabilitation centres at Tanjung Harapan and Pondok Tanggui.


Prior to the national park’s extension in 1984, Pesalat was an area of traditional slash and burn farming. When our project began, the area was severely degraded – completely cleared of trees and overrun by imperata grass. Despite being surrounded by secondary forest, natural forest regeneration was unable to occur because of the imperata grass, an aggressive weed that overpowers any tree seedlings and prevents them form growing. The area is mostly flat and includes both peat swamp and dry land.


Since 2000, our focus has primarily been on reforestation in the dry areas, which were once dominated by Iron Wood trees. We have planted on over 50 hectares, initially planting 400 saplings per HA, and then planting additional saplings almost every day in order to increase the density and diversity of the trees, and to replace any dead saplings with new ones.

In addition to the reforestation work, our team also maintains the park infrastructure on behalf of the park management. The site includes a conservation education centre and the camping ground in Tanjung Putting National Park for visitors.