BALI 2019

Tianyar, Bali


In June of 2019 Padma will return to the island of Bali, Indonesia. Our primary project is building artificial reef domes and placing them in the waters off the coast of northeast Bali. Indonesia boasts the most diverse ocean life on the planet, however less than ten percent of its coral reefs remain in pristine condition. These reef domes are designed to facilitate coral growth and the re-development of fish habitats.


This project is in partnership with North Bali Reef Conservation, a local Balinese organization with a history of hosting and working with western travellers and volunteers. Trip participants will also have opportunities to teach English to local children, and engage in community social programs. Days off will include trips to the cultural hub of Ubud and snorkeling in crystal clear marine life rich waters of Bali. An optional one week surf camp is available at the end of the trip where students will stay in Canggu on the west coast of Bali and learn to surf with expert local instructors.

Nusa Penida, Bali


In conjunction with our work in Bali, Padma is hosting trips to Nusa Penida. This island just off the coast of Bali was long ago a penal colony for exiled Balinese. More recently, palm plantation owners destroyed large swaths of its lush triple-canopy rainforests. Now, local organizations are re-planting trees, and establishing vast safe zones for endangered species and forest vegetation to once again thrive. Small-scale farms and village resorts provide a livelihood to around 40,000 residents. Nusa Penida truly is an island paradise surrounded by some of the bluest water on the planet.


Together with local groups, Padma is constructing irrigation systems for small farms on the island. Irrigation has long been a struggle here. Our designs are based on several proven methods used in different developing countries around the world. Our long-term goal is to find the best system for the island and offer trainings for famers from different villages. Padma participants will help install these systems while also engaging with and teaching English to local students. Participants will also have opportunities to snorkel at some of the best dive sites in the world and learn to surf at local breaks.



Bali/Nusa Penida service trips, excluding international travel time, last two weeks with optional one-week surf camps available at the end of each trip.